20 Must-Have Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

20 Must-Have Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed


A couple of decades ago, if someone told you that robots would be citizens and your phone could unlock with your eyes, you might have thought they were in a sci-fi movie. But fast forward, and here we are, living in a world where tech surprises us every day.

Today, we're about to hit you with the lowdown on th
e "20 absolute best gadgets that'll make you go, 'Why in the world didn't I know about these?'

Great gadgets:

So, let's dive into this incredible world of innovation with our list of the top 20 gadgets:

1. 3D Printing Personalized Food

Scientists in Israel, Oded Shoseyov and Ido Braslavsky, made a special fiber called nano-cellulose, that your gut welcomes with open arms—no indigestion here. They're enriching this stuff with proteins, vitamins, and all those good things, while the best part is that it’s calorie-free. Right now, they can only print dough, but they're aiming for a whole menu.

2. CaloRieco Calories Scanner

It's like a super-fast calculator for your food. It leverages proprietary infrared technology to measure the nutrition level of a meal before you can comfortably chunk it down—or dunk it in a bin, all in just 10 seconds.

3. Massage Me

Designed to work with a PSOne gamepad, the Massage Me was supposed to let couples enjoy gaming together while one partner enjoys a massage.

4. Philips S9000 Prestige Shaver

Choose between a comfy dry shave or go all out with gel or foam, you can even do it while showering. Those NanoTech precision blades? They're like the superheroes of shaving, giving you an incredibly close shave that's smoother than a jazz melody. And its SkinComfort rings are the anti-friction champions, ensuring this shaver to glide. Plus, its BeardAdapt Sensor checks hair density 15 times per second and automatically adapts the shaver to your hair.

5. Philips Signe Floor Lamp

You can use the Hue app or even just your voice to tell the lamp what colors to show. Also, you can mix colors for a natural vibe, go dramatic, or even make the light change slowly like a fancy light show. It's a piece of tech that also doubles as modern art in your living room.

6. Nix Biosensor

This is for fitness enthusiasts out there: the Nix hydration Biosensor. It checks your sweat levels and sends you real-time updates on your hydration to your phone or smartwatch. Basically, it's like having a personal coach for drinking water.

7. Nothing Phone 2

It's got the same cool design vibe as the Phone 1, complete with a transparent back. But this time, it's bigger with a 6.7” display, and it comes in a sleek gray color along with white. The lights on the back are like a mini light show.

8. OVOU Card

This business card is not just a card, but a whole experience. With OVOU, you're not just sharing your contact info, you're creating a connection.

9. Clean Jett Portable Vacuum

This is the superhero of mess cleanup on the go. Whether you're in your car or anywhere else, this little powerhouse is your sidekick.

10. FLIR One Edge Pro

It attaches to your smartphone and converts it into an infrared camera, revealing temperature variations in your surroundings.

11. F8 Bone Conduction Wireless Speaker

The F8 speaker is a musical revolution using bone conduction technology. Through dynamic acoustic technology, it transforms sound into mechanical vibrations of various frequencies. Placing it on different surfaces—like glass, wood, guitars and plastic—creates diverse sound effects.

12. Meatanty Mini Mouse Mover

With its combined "ON and OFF switch" and "Mode selection" buttons, it's super easy to use. No more repeatedly plugging and unplugging—this saves your USB ports from any wear and tear.

13. EDCfans Keychain Knife

Made by a company called EDCfans, this small folding keychain knife is ready for action. It's not just a knife—it's also a box cutter, scraper, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, wrench, and two pry tools.

14. Cloud Massage Shiatsu

This thing is a dream for your feet. Slip them into the massaging unit, and let the magic begin. Using heat and compression, it melts away pain, tension, and stress. You can use it for your feet or adjust it for a calf massage. The controls are right in the middle, and there are 5 buttons to give you all the settings you need.

15. Magpie M-30+

This sleek device is a laser distance measurer that's small, light, and resistant to water. With a range of up to 98 feet, it's accurate up to ±1.5mm. Plus, it can remember up to 50 measurements, so no more scribbling numbers on scraps of paper. The M-30+ does the math for you, with automatic modes for different calculations.


This portable hydroelectric power plant turns running water into electricity. Hang it in a stream, pull it behind a boat, and it goes to work. The foldable propeller spins a generator, which charges a battery with 5400 mAh capacity—enough to charge your smartphone about 2.5 times. And here's the kicker: it's fully recyclable, gives you 100% green electricity, and works in both fresh and saltwater. It's like carrying your own power station with you.

17. Bravestorming Mover Erase

It is an ideal tool for visualizing your work tasks and ideas, keeping you on track throughout the day. Featuring four different sizes of Movers, this combo can be used for various purposes, whether you have a sudden small idea or a long list of goals.

18. YDME50 Smart Lock

You've got all the options for entering your home, whether it's through a biometric fingerprint scan or your personalized PIN code. And here's a nifty feature: if someone tries to break in or enters the wrong code multiple times, the lock gives a warning and disables access for 3 minutes. Trespassers, consider yourselves warned.

19. Periodic Keyboard

Awekeys, as they're called, are made from 16 precious and semi-precious metals, giving it elite status! With copper, iron, aluminum, silver, gold, and even platinum keycaps, your keyboard becomes a periodic table of its own. Each keycap is etched with details like the metal's name, position on the periodic table, and its atomic weight. It's like typing on history and luxury all at once.

20. Pivo Pod

This is for the video creators out there. If you've ever wished for an automated camera operator, this is it. It's for making high-quality, motion-tracked videos with your smartphone. Pivo Pod attaches to your smartphone and becomes your creative sidekick. It's like having a camera crew that follows you around. With advanced AI, your videos turn into captivating masterpieces. So, no more struggling to set up shots or finding someone to film—Pivo Pod is here to make you the star of your own show.


These 20 nifty gadgets could seriously smooth out your life. From futuristic food printing to high-tech business cards, this is the future we've been waiting for. Drop a comment letting us know which gadget you liked the most from our lineup. And hey, if you liked this article, make sure to hit that subscribe button too – we've got a bunch more mind-blowing gadgets coming your way!

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